Message from Nicholas:

Methuen has been my home for over twenty years. I graduated from Methuen Public, played ball here and bought my first home in the East District with my wife, Lindsay. For the last four years, I have had the honor of serving the Methuen School Committee; in which two of those years I held the Vice Chair position. My collaboration efforts with the schools and the city have brought both parties to the table to discuss the need for fiscal responsibility and transparency. With neighboring Salem, our city needs to think closely about its future.

There has been a lot of blaming and name calling, which is not getting us anywhere. We need leaders that will come to the table and focus on moving forward with effective solutions.

It’s time for us to move away from the old ways and move toward a new Methuen; a Methuen with a strong infrastructure, urban renewal, a bustling economic and business community, strong schools and an equipped public safety organization.

As City Councilor, I will make urban renewal and business development top priority. We need businesses that will be a part of the community and want to grow the economic needs that our city requires. We are a city that spends like a city with a “town” budget. To provide the right resources, we need to run our city like a business and make big changes that limit the effect on the pockets of our residents.